Spring 2013: "Dragon Day" is a very topical, political thriller starring Osa Wallander, Ethan Flower, Jenn Gotzon and Hope Laubach. Directed by Jeffrey Travis and due for release Spring 2013.

 Fall 2012: Osa works on the feature film "A Leading Man" directed by Steven Kung (Mad Men, In Treatment)

 Fall 2012: "Swine", a Post-Apocalyptic Indie Feature starring Osa Wallander and Gregory Lee Kenyon, completes principle photography.

 Spring 2012: "Pollution", written by and starring Osa Wallander screens at the Cannes International Film Festival. This short film is based on a true story about a teenage girl's struggle to care for her alcoholic mother.

 Spring 2010: Osa appears on the popular TV-series "90210" as Sarah Herman.


 Sam Hell comes across well-acted especially with performances by Åsa Wallander, Brian Graves, and Mike Tillman and is backed by a decent looking set.
Horror News 07/04/2011

 Here we deal with an inspired cast who clearly enjoyed themselves while filming the picture…Mark Hengst (as Benedict) is convincing, while Asa Wallander (who plays Sydney) is absolutely perfect.
Fangoria | "Live Evil" Review by Matt Molgaard | August 27, 2009

 "Caregiver", is a moody, realistic, well-acted psychological thriller. Osa Wallander is particularly impressive as Paige, a troubled woman who wants to be a positive influence in the world but who is just too mentally disturbed herself to quite manage to be one. Wallander's ability to switch from sugar-sweet to psycho-bitch in a heartbeat is one of the best things about this movie.
Rotten Tomatoes, Review by Steve Miller 7/10: Caregiver (2007)

 …great performance by Wallander, who looks like Nicole Kidman's evil sister. She can switch from an angel to a demon in the blink of an eye.
Trash City review, film blitz. Dec 2006

 Performances are excellent, especially by Denise Gossett and Asa Wallander, who portray very strong women with completely opposite personalities. Gossett is Kate, a power-hungry crew member with a suspicious past; Wallander portrays Winnie, a sensitive and sweet-faced researcher who’s more complicated than we originally suspect. These two actresses remind me of Glenn Close and Annette Benning, so when their characters square off -- although more emotionally than physically, it’s a treat to see.
Review by Betty Jo Tucker

 Denise Gossett’s Kate and Asa Wallander’s Winnie are so very organic and wonderful to watch as women in a genre usually filled with leather-clad Amazons or sexless army sergeants. These two women are neither; they are simply interesting characters…
Pretty October 11, 2007 by Superheidi

 Awarded the Best Actress Award at ShockerFest, 2007 for her role in the film “Decaying Orbit”